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Legal Disclosure

These Web pages are not a promotional brochure nor are they an offer of space. All information contained on these pages, including rates, are subject to change and correction. Space is always based on current availability at time of booking.

Freighter Passengers Please Note: Proof of “Onward Passage” is an immigration requirement world-wide. Many nations have had this requirement for some time, but did not strictly enforce it. Most nations are now enforcing it and it is expected all countries will do so. Therefore all one-way passengers must present such proof before tickets will be issued. Due to increased security concerns, their related requirements and costs, TravLtips will not handle any freighter passage less than one full month from projected departure date.

Visa waivers are not acceptable for any freighter travel. If a freighter traveler’s nationality results in a visa requirement, it must be a full paper visa in their passport. Health/accident and emergency medical evacuation insurance is mandatory for freighter travel. Vessel, itinerary - including projected ports of embarkation /disembarkation - and sailing date are always subject to change. Cancellation policies are subject to revision by the Shipping Companies. The fares shown for most freighter voyages are established in Euros by the Shipping Line, and therefore must be paid to the Line in Euros. The estimated US$ fares are based on a current currency exchange estimate. The final U.S. dollar fare will be based on the exchange rate at the time the currency is purchased. Any decrease in the final fare from that quoted above will be refunded, and any increase will be collected.

Aranui 3 offers described on this Web site are valid for U.S. & Canadian citizens only.

Star Clippers offers described on this Web site are valid for residents of North and Latin America only.