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Freighter Cruises

Please Note: Most freighter fares are euro-based. The euro fluctuates daily against the dollar. Currently, most freighter fares are averaging between $125 - $145 per day plus any fees and taxes. Contact us for a quote on any service that shows fares are euro-based; we will give you a U.S. dollar fare based on the latest currency fluctuations.

Northern Europe

CMA CGM (Victory Bridge)—CMA CGM Jamaica, America & Sambhar depart Charleston, Savannah and Miami for Veracruz & Altamira, Mexico; Houston, TX; New Orleans, LA; Le Havre, France; Antwerp, Belgium; Rotterdam, Holland; Bremerhaven, Germany; returning to Charleston, Savannah and Miami. About 42 days. 7/8 passengers. Age limit: 75. Fares Euro-based. Transatlantic segments offered.

CMA CGM (Liberty Bridge)—CMA CGM Amber & Coral depart New York for Norfolk, VA; Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA; Antwerp, Belgium; Rotterdam, Holland; Bremerhaven, Germany; Le Havre, France; Southampton, UK; returning to New York. About 35 days. 5 passengers. Age limit 75. Fares Euro-based. Transatlantic segments offered.

Independent Container Line—Independent Pursuit, Voyager & Spirit depart Antwerp, Belgium for Liverpool, England; Philadelphia (Chester), PA*; Wilmington, NC returning to Antwerp*. About 28 days. 2-5 passengers. Age limit: 78. Fares are Euro-based. About $672 taxes/ins./port fees. (Passengers are not accepted between Dec. 1 and Mar. 31.) *U.S. embarkation at Wilmington only. European disembarkation at Antwerp only. One-way Wilmington-Antwerp or reverse available. Vessel substitutions possible.

Polish Steamship Co. (PZM)—Bulk carriers from Amsterdam (IJmuiden), Holland to Cleveland, OH; Burns Harbor, IN; and a Lake Superior port; returning to Europe via a “tramp” route. 3-6 passengers, April through November. Age limit: 79. Europe to Great Lakes, about 12-14 days, IJmuiden to Cleveland, $1,640-$1,835 double; $1,640-$2,750 single; about 16-21 days, IJmuiden to Burns Harbor, $1,880-$2,085 double; $1,880-$3,125 single. Great Lakes to Europe (tramp route), about 25-30 days, $2,365-$2,595 double; $2,365-$3,890 single. Port taxes $132 add’l. on transatlantic routes. Tramp/Transatlantic Round Trip from Great Lakes or Europe, about 45-70 days, $6,300-$6,900 double; $6,300-$10,350 single. Eastbound tramp destinations not known in advance (could be ports in Europe, North Africa, or elsewhere). Passengers must have the utmost flexibility. Fares based on 60 days; refund made if shorter, extra if longer. Port taxes $315 additional.

Download the information sheet (pdf). Please contact us for the latest rates as they are subject to change.