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Freighter Cruises

Please Note: Most freighter fares are euro-based. The euro fluctuates daily against the dollar. Currently, most freighter fares are averaging between $125 - $145 per day plus any fees and taxes. Contact us for a quote on any service that shows fares are euro-based; we will give you a U.S. dollar fare based on the latest currency fluctuations.


Grimaldi—Roll-on/roll-off vessels depart Hamburg, Germany; Amsterdam, Holland; Tilbury, England and Antwerp, Belgium for West Africa, usually Cotonou, Benin; Lagos, Nigeria; and Tema, Ghana. About 33 days. Up to 12 passengers. Age limit: 85. (Note: lowest fares are inside cabins with upper/lower berths.)
Fares are Euro-based.

Download the information sheet (pdf). Please contact us for the latest rates as they are subject to change.